Clowning Around Fitness Tours NYC

A Real Circus Adventure


We Put The Fun Into Fitness

We don’t clown around when it come to fitness…well actually we do, making it fun, exciting, a bit wacky while turning exercise into a three ring circus.


clown juggling

If you’re young or young at heart or whether you join one of tours by yourself, with friends or even family members, Clowning Around Fitness Tours allows participants to fast become fellow troupe performers turning exercise into a circus adventure creating a stress free and relaxed environment for one heck of a funtastic good time.

And now you can discover and learn about some of New York’s most iconic landmarks as you perform our exclusive clowning around fitness routines that are really easy to do, at times a little goofy…

clowns have heart

but always fun with a little heart!

So join our show and explore some of NYC’s most famous sites all the while getting as fit as a clown – because clowns of all shapes, ages and sizes

just want to have fun and so should you!

Clowning Around Fitness

Queens Flushing Meadows Park 

Flushing Meadows Park is famous for hosting the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fair. And now this 1255 acre oasis in Queens NYC is the hotspot for Clowning Around Fitness tours!  Pass iconic monuments and buildings from a time long gone, including the New York State Pavilion (as seen in the Men in Black movies), the Queens Art Museum (former United Nations headquarters)…and of course the world famous Unisphere.


Upcoming Clowning Around Fitness Tours in Flushing Meadows Park coming soon!

Clowning Around Fitness

Central Park

Get fit as a clown while you enjoy Central Park with our fun packed Clowning Around Fitness Tours that will take you on a journey past a 3500 year old monolithic obelisk, a 106 acre reservoir and you’ll even climb “Vista Rock” as you ascend and defend a nearly 150 year old castle with balloon swords in hand plus a whole lot more!

horsing around Central Park

Upcoming Clowning Around Fitness Tours in Central  Park coming soon!

Clowning Around Tours Ringmasters

Meet your Ringmasters

Dr. Pete and and Dr. Stew licensed NYC Tours guides and certified fitness trainers uniquely blend the amazing sights of New York with their exclusive clowning around fitness routines creating a one of a kind adventure that almost makes their participants feel like they ran away and joined the circus!

Upcoming Public Clowning Around Fitness Tours will be posted in the near future

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