A Real Circus Adventure


Clowning Around Tours ain’t your typical everyday Washington DC/Northern VA walking tour…It’s a circus tour adventure!

With your Ringmaster’s Extraordinaire Dr. Pete & Dr. Stew Kandel

Our unique hands on experience is unlike any typical walking tour…it’s more like a show where the participants don’t merely tag along but actually become part of the action as real live troupe members in our circus of fun!



Discover the Art of Balloon Twisting



Comedy Improv


Clown Antics

Historic sites explored from a clown’s point of view

And more…

Clowning Around Tours in Rockefeller Center

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Clowning Around Tours in Grand Central Terminal

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Clowning Around Tours in Central Park

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Clowning Around Tours in Flushing Meadows World’s Fair

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Clowning Around Tours Washington DC/Northern VA even incorporates audiovisual technology that puts you right smack in the center ring…

while you become part of the action in some of Washington DC Metro area’s most remarkable historic locations!

Clowning Around Sightseeing and Museum Tours

clown sight seeing tours

A totally different uniquely interactive Clowning Around Circus Tour Adventure !

Discover Washington DC/NOVA’s  most iconic landmarks with Clowning Around Sightseeing Tours. So get up, get going and start moving in a clowning around funtastic way! And join our circus show with the newest most unique sightseeing tours you’ll ever experience!

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Clowning Around Fitness Tours 

Clown Weight lifting

Makes Fitness Fun! 

We don’t clown around when it comes to fitness…well actually we do, making it hilarious, exciting, a bit wacky while turning exercise into a three ring circus!

Join your Ringmasters Dr. Pete & Dr. Stew Kandel,  Sightseeing Guides and Certified Fitness Trainers as your explore some of DC’s Metro area’s most famous sites all the while getting as fit as a clown…because clowns of all shapes, ages and sizes just want to have fun!


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Clowning Around Food Tours

Clowning Around Food Tours

Experience the only clown based food tour in the Washington DC/Northern VA area.

Discover why the DC Metro area is the place to be for delicious delicacies topped with a heaping amount of fun!

Have fun eating, learning and laughing your way through some of the DC Metro Area’s most famous landmarks with Clowning Around Food Tours



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